Küchelscheid - Leykaul

You'll discover both villages (111 inhabitants) in an idyllic setting of rivers (Rur, Schwarzbach, Breitenbach), woods and valleys along the famous Vennbahn. There is no real village center because there are no public buildings or no church.

Touristic attractions

  • Railbike
    You'll cross the High Fens with a rail bike on the famous Vennbahn, a former railway that connected Aachen to Troisvierges in Luxemburg. Fun for th eentire family: place for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids: the 2 adults in front are pedalling and the 2 in the back are being transported.  
    Am Breitenbach, LEYKAUL  -  Tel.: 080-68 58 90  -  www.railbike.be 
  • Ruin of a sentry post along the Vennbahn and memorial for Charles Devisser at the "Grünkloster"

Signposted hikes


Memorial in honour of Charles Devisser
Memorial in honour of Charles Devisser

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