Nidrum (854 Inhabitants) is situated at a kind of upland land kindly going down into the valley of the river the Warche.

This place is surrounded with green meadows. There is few trafic. It's a place in an idyllic and calm setting.


  • Drei-Königs-Kirche (1907) - Epiphany church (1907)
  • Military cemetery
    You'll discover on the small cemetery the tombs of 32 Russian soldiers who didn't survived their deportation during WW2 to the Camp of Elsenborn (at that time a prisoner and worker camp).
  • There is a playground
  • Vennbahn

Signposted hikes

Zum Warchetal9,2 km
Daffodil walkway | 9 km
Zur Knochenhöhle | 11 km
Zum Burghügel | 12 km
Auf den Höhen um Bütgenbach | 18 km
Trail of commemoration | 94 km (Stages hike)

Cycle routes

Cycle nodes
Vennbahn Plus 8 | 18 km
Warche-Route | 23 km
O-Velo 5 - Around the lake of Bütgenbach | 33 km

Other routes
Play and pedal ride | 17 km





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