Start and arrival

2 possibilities:

  1. Parking lot Thomabrücke, Rurstraße, 4750 Elsenborn (Latitude: 50.50321905461912 - Longitude: 6.188178062438966) = hiking node 17
  2. Parking lot Am Breitenbach, 4750 Leykaul: the parking lot is situated near HN1.

Short description

7,8 or 7,3 km | 224 altimeters | 30% dirt road

This hike leads you to the romantic Schwarzbach pond. On the programm? Forest, water and fens. 

Hiking nodes

If you start at the Thoma bridge (Thomabrücke): 17-14-9-15-11-8-7-4-2-14-17 = 7,8 km

If you start at the parking lot in Leykaul: 1-4-2-14-9-15-11-8-7-4-1 = 7,3 km


If you start at the Thomabrücke, you can avoid the last climb (between HN4 and HN2) by following the RAVeL back to your starting point.