Where to fish?

Fishing in Bütgenbach: great idea! 

There is a fantastic lake, there is also a private pond: Zum Fishweiher (no licenses needed). You can also fish in rivers (Warche, Holzwarche). 

What kinds of fish can you expect here? Pikes, carps, zanders, chubs, trouts...

With fishing license

Lake of Bütgenbach and the rivers Warche and Holzwarche

You need 2 fishing licenses, and if you want to fish from a boat you'l need an additional boat license.



Without fishing licenses

Private pond in Bütgenbach:

Zum Fischweiher

An der Janskaul 20
4750 Weywertz
T: +32 (0)80 44 51 28

Minimum 12 persons and only after reservation.